St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH) and its services care for our staff as much as we care for our patients, residents, and clients. We advocate a safe working environment and an inviting corporate culture. Together, we work towards a common vision: “To be a light in a dark place, that ignorance would be replaced by knowledge and understanding; physical distress by comfort and healing.”

SAMH takes reference from the employee compensation guidelines of  government ministries (such as Ministry of Health, or Ministry of Social and Family Development), Agency of Integrated Care, National Council of Social Service and other similar Service Providers from the Sector.  The overall remunerations and benefits for employees are reviewed regularly with adjustments as necessary to reflect general wage movement and to ensure we pay our employees fairly in line with their qualifications, skills and work experience.

For career opportunities with our various services, please approach the relevant service directly. You may contact us here.