Thank you for your interest in supporting us as a volunteer. We invite passionate individuals and groups to be part of our team to touch lives and serve the community together.

The services listed are able to offer some opportunities for you to do so. For a mutually meaningful volunteering experience, we encourage you to:

  • Volunteer at a location convenient to you
  • Volunteer in an area that you are comfortable in, and
  • Commit for at least 6 months of regular service

St. Andrew’s Autism Centre

We welcome volunteers to join us in serving the autism community. To find more about our volunteering opportunities and how to sign up as a volunteer at SAAC, please visit our website .

St. Andrew’s Community Hospital

As a volunteer at St. Andrew’s Community Hospital (SACH), you will work alongside our staff in various hospital functions, providing both direct and indirect patient care. Your involvement will complement our delivery of holistic care, strengthening our delivery of medical, psycho-social and spiritual care.

For volunteering opportunities and to sign up as a volunteer at St. Andrew’s Community Hospital, please visit our website. For enquiries, please call 6586 1000 or email [email protected].

St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Buangkok)

We welcome volunteers with an interest to assist staff and residents in the following activities:

  • “Kopitiam” or Food Carnival – Prepare beverages, play games and interact with residents
  • Karaoke – Perform or sing along with residents to oldies and sweet ballads weekly
  • Pet Therapies – Work alongside with residents on hobbies like rearing fishes in the nursing home and dog owners can also bring their dogs to interact with our residents
  • Outings – Bring our residents out for their regular outpatient visits or outings to places of interest
  • Befriending – Enjoy fruitful bonding sessions through our regular befriending sessions with our residents

For enquiries or to sign up as a volunteer, please call St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Buangkok) at 6880 5330 or email [email protected] providing your name, availability and areas of interest.

You may download a copy of the volunteer brochure and volunteer handbook.

St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Henderson, Queenstown)

We welcome you to share your time, to bring enriching and memorable experiences to all we care for. There are many ways to contribute your skills and talents to bring joy and hope to our beneficiaries as well as experience personal satisfaction.

Here are some areas you can contribute in:

  • Art and craft
  • Beauty therapy (e.g., manicure, haircut, massage)
  • Celebrations (e.g., festive occasion, birthday)
  • Entertainment (e.g., singing, musical performance, dancing)
  • Exercise and sports
  • Games (e.g., BINGO, puzzles)
  • Outings (e.g., coffee shop, park, places of interest)

For enquiries or to sign up as a volunteer, please call SANH (Henderson) at 6430 9449 or email [email protected] and call SANH (Queenstown) at 6877 4677 or email [email protected], providing your name, availability, and areas of interest.

St. Andrew’s Senior Care (JOY Connect, Henderson, Queenstown, Tampines)

Volunteering opportunities include befriending, facilitating outings, art and craft, cooking activities, etc.

For enquiries or to sign up as a volunteer, please call 6430 9449 St. Andrew’s Senior Care or email [email protected] providing your name, availability, and areas of interest.