St. Andrew's Nursing Home (Buangkok)

St. Andrew's Nursing Home (SANH) (Buangkok) started operations in November 2013. The 300-bed, 7-storey purpose-built facility is Singapore's fourth and largest psychiatric nursing home to provide long-term care for residents suffering from psychiatric illnesses.

Working together with the Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS), SANH (Buangkok) leverages the expertise of both SAMH and SACS in community health and psychiatric rehabilitation services to provided skilled nursing and psychiatric care within a comprehensive recovery-oriented framework.

Care plans are individualised to cater to the specific needs and aptitude of each resident. At SANH (Buangkok), residents receive a spectrum of services including occupational therapy and physiotherapy to help them develop their potential and maximise their abilities in a safe and supportive environment. Residents' daily activities include physical exercises, social skills training and health education. Residents also engage in recreational activities such as singing, dancing and team games to develop their social interaction skills. Stress and anxiety management programmes are also implemented to help residents effectively manage any challenge they face.


SANH (Buangkok)'s building infrastructure was designed and built by the Ministry of Health together with the Institute of Mental Health. The building comprises 10 wards; each ward having its own day activity area where exercises and social activities are conducted. It also includes a multi-sensory room designed to stimulate the senses and promote self-soothing for agitated or distressed residents.

A specialised Dementia Care Ward enables its residents direct access to a discreetly enclosed garden where they can engage in physical activities and enjoy the outdoor space safely without wandering too far or getting lost.

60 Buangkok View Singapore 534012
6880 5330 (Tel)

Update and Announcements (31 March 2017): To meet the needs of our ageing population, two new general nursing homes, St. Andrew's Nursing Home (Henderson) and St. Andrew's Nursing Home (Queenstown) will provide integrated residential care (including dementia care), centre-based services and home care services for the elderly in those areas. Find out more here.