St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital is governed by an Act of Parliament – Saint Andrew’s Mission Hospital Ordinance (Chapter 376) (Original Enactment: Ordinance 42 of 1934).

The Board of Management of the St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital 2017-2018 is made up of:


The Right Reverend Rennis Ponniah

Vice President

Mr. Andrew Goh Kia Teck

Honorary Treasurer

Mr. Lee Chew Chiat

Nominated Members


Reverend Huang Ao You

Reverend Canon Dr. Louis Tay



Reverend Yap Chee Han

Venerable Wong Tak Meng


Cathedral Parochial Church Council

Mr. Robin Tan

Dr. Benjamin Tai


Methodist Church

Dr. Gong Ing San


Presbyterian Church

Reverend Dr. Eugene Yeo

Professional Representatives

Prof. Tay Boon Keng

Dr. Alfred Loh

Elected Members

Mr. Hamish Christie

Dr. Ong Yong Wan

Mr. Tan Soo Kiang

Prof. John Lim Chien Wei

Ms. Arasi Santhana

Mr. Chan Wing Hong

Elder Lee Chong Kai

Mr. Tan Kian Woo

Mr. Benjamin William

Honorary Consultants

Dr. Alfred Loh

Prof. Tay Boon Keng

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Joseph Thambiah


Dr. Arthur Chern