St. Andrew's Lifestreams

St. Andrew's Lifestreams

St. Andrew's Lifestreams (SAL) is the community service arm under the St. Andrew's Mission Hospital established in November 1998. As an educational, training and resource centre for those in the care and counselling profession, it is a vital component of the Singapore Anglican Community Services.
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Mission :

Through God's grace and truth, we facilitate healing, restoration and holistic health in people's lives so that they can experience wholeness through a multi-level network of caregivers in the church and community.

Core Values :

  • Respect the individual's uniqueness and culture.
  • Respond to needs and concerns with promptness.
  • Adopt a positive attitude towards needs and concerns.
  • Exercise responsible stewardship in the use of God's gifts and resources.
  • To be ethically and morally responsible in professional service.
  • To be open to upgrade knowledge and skills through further training and supervision.
  • To be gentle and open in giving and receiving feedback.
  • To be humble to incorporate changes at the personal and professional levels in response to feedback.