St. Andrew's Autism Centre

St. Andrew's Autism Centre (SAAC) is a non-profit, integrated centre for the education, training, care and support of persons with autism and their families. It operates a special school for children and youths with autism aged seven to 18 years old, and a Day Activity Centre (DAC) for adults above 19 years old.

SAAC also supports and equips families and caregivers with the knowledge and skills to care for, work with and support members with autism. Its family services include: financial support and training; pastoral care and counselling and parent support and networking.

SAAC was started in 2005 in response to the community's need for a comprehensive centre for autism care. The Centre serves persons with autism of any race, religion or creed, and is supported by the Government, corporations and well-wishers. SAAC has a vision that persons with autism in our community will one day be able to live alongside others in dignity and worth as God has intended.

SAAC Programmes & Services

At SAAC, our programme seeks to be research-informed and we track outcomes. We endeavour to provide a standard of autism care that is responsive to the person’s developmental needs and unique demands within the family context.

The staff-student ratio is 1:3.

Our programmes include:

  • Education with a modified curriculum
  • Training towards independent living (e.g. personal hygiene & care, social skills, emotional self-regulation)
  • Vocational skills training (including positive work habits)
  • Therapy services including music, speech and occupational therapy
  • Training in expressive arts including music, dance and art & craft
  • Leisure, sporting activities including swimming, cycling and jogging
  • Assessment and testing

Our family services include:

  • Financial support and training
  • Pastoral care and counselling
  • Parent support and networking

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