St. Andrew's Mission Hospital Commemorative Book, 2013

“From Flicker to Flame” is the commemorative book chronicling the illustrious 100-year history of St. Andrew’s Medical Mission in Singapore. The story begins in 1913 colonial Singapore. Living conditions in the commercial centre of the island was dank and squalid. Many immigrants contracted diseases but they had little access to medical care. The women and children were particularly neglected. In these conditions Dr. Charlotte Ferguson-Davie, wife of the first Anglican Bishop of Singapore, started a dispensary on St. Luke’s Day, 18 October 1913 to treat the impoverished women and sick children.

Despite tremendous odds, the book tells the story of how the medical mission grew, shining the light of Jesus Christ through care and healing over the course of 100 years. The medical mission survived World War II and the Japanese Occupation, closure of buildings and changes of governments. Though the nature of the medical work evolved, the men and women of the mission kept their eyes on God and shone His light in areas of greatest needs. God led the mission from caring for women and children to orthopaedics, mental health, autism and elderly care. The book also features never-before-told anecdotes over the decades.

St. Andrew’s Medical Mission started in 1913 as a flicker. This story is how God led the mission over 100 years and turned the flicker to a flame, shining light in the dark places and bringing hope to the people. This natural living out of our faith-vocation; to make a distinctive difference in the lives of people within and outside the Church is truly the heart of the call of our God to the people.

To request for a copy of From Flicker to Flame, please email A donation of $50.00 or more (tax deductible) would be much appreciated for each copy requested. The donation will go towards supporting the work of St Andrew’s Mission Hospital and Singapore Anglican Community Services.