About Us

The St. Andrew's Medical Mission, founded in 1913, is a testimony of faith and vision, as well as a living miracle of God's love and compassion for mankind. Inspired and guided by God, many different hands have steered the course of the Medical Mission.

The Mission was initiated by Dr. Charlotte Ferguson-Davie, a medical doctor and wife of the first Anglican Bishop of Singapore. Her compassion for the sick poor and her tireless effort led to the opening of a dispensary at Bencoolen Street on St. Luke's Day, 18 October 1913. Over the years, it set up and consolidated various health services ranging from dispensaries in the early years, St. Andrew's Mission Hospital in 1923, St. Andrew's Orthopaedic Hospital for Children in 1939 and St. Andrew's Community Hospital in 1992. The work of the Medical Mission has had one common thread - meeting the healthcare needs of the underserved and the disadvantaged.

Today, St. Andrew's Mission Hospital (SAMH) is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation. Its services have expanded and evolved holistically so as to minister not just to the physical well-being but also to the emotional, social and special needs of the community. It has been repositioned to be the corporate headquarters that oversees the operations of:

St. Andrew's Mission Hospital Clinic


Providing general outpatient services, and mobile medical services to communities-in-need

St. Andrew's Community Hospital


Providing rehabilitative and sub-acute care

St. Andrew's Lifestreams


Providing training and education in counselling and pastoral care

St. Andrew's Autism Centre


Providing comprehensive services for autism care

St. Andrew's Nursing Home


Providing psychiatric long-term care

St. Andrew's Senior Care - JOY Connect


Providing (dementia) day care, day rehabilitation, centre-based nursing and integrated homecare services

Our vision: To be a light in a dark place, that ignorance would be replaced by knowledge and understanding; physical distress by comfort and healing.